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NYC Observations

January 20, 2011

Overheard on the street Sunday night on my way to a dinner:

A woman on her cell phone and said, “I love Jesus, but I woulda tore her up!” Reminded me of the classic Ellen DeGeneres clip.

Other little observations I’ve made of this lovely city: Loogies. This is gross, yes. Turns out a number of things in New York are gross. I see loogies periodically as I walk to and fro, but I promise that during cold season this fall I noticed a significant increase in the number of loogies on the street, the sidewalk, the Subway platform, etc. One day I remember seeing three as I exited the train, went down the stairs, and crossed the street toward my apartment. After a while all these wet, expectorated testimonials of humanity’s losing battle against unseen pathogens can kind of make you go all existential—is there even a point? Ultimately aren’t we just ground down underfoot like the loogies? It can also make you invest in travel-size hand sanitizer.

Then when cold season hit, I saw an influx of dropped gloves on the street, the sidewalk, the Subway platform, etc. And I thought of all the sad souls with one cold hand who, only after his death, could really empathize with and appreciate Michael Jackson.

And then when the cold season of cold season came, I just saw a lot of frozen loogies.

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  1. Vaughn permalink
    January 21, 2011 5:56 am

    Well if that wasn’t a perfect set up for a slam-bang comment, I don’t know what is. Only problem is that I’m comment-less at the moment. Sorry.

    The only thing I can think of is from Finding Nemo: Mount Wannahockaloogie!

  2. January 22, 2011 12:30 pm

    Sharkbait hoo hah hah!

    This one’s for you, Brother Warthog.

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