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12 Days of Christmas music: 5th day

December 17, 2012

Often vocal a cappella music gets a bad rap (ha—see what I did there?) for being cheesy and/or lowbrow. As a trained musician, I would hate for my tastes to be considered lowbrow, but guess what? I love a cappella that’s done well. I was a closet watcher of the entire third (and final) season of the Sing-Off, and I’ve been following a couple of the groups from it ever since.

This is Pentatonix, or PTX, the winners of the Sing-Off, with their version of Carol of the Bells. I’m a bit of a purist for a cappella, meaning, I like it live without all the production-added effects because that shows of the real skill of the group. This is the produced album version dubbed on top of the music video, so you get the bass and a couple of the tracks doubled much of the time. Still, you can tell they’re extremely talented. Three of the singers went to a local high school during the time I was teaching in Texas, and they got awesome training at a very strong choral program there. They’re only 20 years old here, and the other two are younger than 25. Hope you like it!
Apologies for their little ad at the end of the video.
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