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Utah’s Best Crop

July 3, 2014

I’ll keep the post short today partly because in class we just talked more about our work in the periodicals and partly because I need to get some research done before partying it up on the 4th tomorrow. I am in Provo, you know, one of the meccas and capitals of 4th of July celebrations in the good U.S. of A. But it’s that very celebration that prompted one the fascinating things I learned in our discussion today. Claudia told us that back in the day, one of the floats or entries in Utah parades often touted several children along with the banner, “Utah’s Greatest Crop.” Claudia said, “Of course that’s true–they didn’t grow other things very well.”

I’m a Provo baby, so for better or for worse I’m a (partial) testament to the quality of this Utah crop. I’m also going to the parade tomorrow. If I see a Greatest Crop float, I’ll take a picture. Happy 4th!

Utah's Best Crop

“Utah’s Best Crop” — one that never fails.

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